MDoG-6060 Series

The MDoG-6060 Series from MultiDyne provides SDI to ST2110 encapsulation and ST2110 to SDI de-encapsulation for the award winning openGear platform.

The MDoG-6060 series of gateways provide multichannel and bi-directional conversion between SDI and ST2110. Several models are available ranging from 3x3 3G-SDI using dual 10 GbE SFP to 6x2 3G-SDI using dual 25 GbE SFPs with full support for ST2022-7 hitless redundancy.

Each channel processes 1 video, 16 audio, and 1 ANC data flow and SDI inputs are frame synced before encapsulation. The MDoG-6060 series uses NMOS for in-band control and configuration, while remote monitoring and firmware upgrades are handled through the openGear DashBoard application.

For applications where TR-08 JPEG-XS compression is required please refer to the MDoG-6061 Series.