The MultiDyne SMPTE Power Tap or SPT is a unique 12V power source which is standardly equipped with SMPTE 304M connectors and is deployed in- line between a studio camera and CCU. The unit is portable and can be placed in multiple locations including on a camera pedestal where it can power teleprompters or other 12V DC equipment. Two 4-pin XLR output connectors provide secure connections to the equipment being powered by the SPT and there is a switch to limit the available output to 50, 100 or 150 Watts.

The SPT supports SMPTE studio cameras from the leading manufacturers and can handle a wide range of input voltages including 90-240VAC and 127-370VDC. The SPT is housed in the same chassis as MultiDyne’s popular line of Hybrid Universal Transceivers or HUTs and can used with the same accessories including rack mounting kits and rugged Pelican cases for field use.