FiberSaver 3G, 12G, & 25G

3G, 12G, & 25G Configurable Digital Fiber Multiplexers & Wavelength Shifters

The FiberSaver Series has been designed to help engineers and designers overcome situations where there are many signals to move over fiber, but not enough available fibers due to a lack of access or inability to run more fiber.

3G and 12G systems are available in uni and bi-directional configurations ranging from 6x0 and 18x0 to 3x3 and 9x9. Asymmetrical bi-directional configurations are also available.

Unique to the FiberSaver Series is the option to provide a Coaxial copy of an optical input or output path. This capability can be used on one or both sides of a system for the ultimate in conversion between optical and SDI sources and receive devices.

The coax input can be used to input an auto-failover /keep-alive signal as the system will automatically select the coax input when light is not detected on the input.

When the coax stage is populated on the Rx side of the system the FiberSaver will output simultaneous copies of the incoming optical signal.

Since the FiberSaver is receiving and then re-transmitting the optical signal, you get a fresh optical budget that allows transmission over even longer distances. The Rx side of the system can be an optical only passive de-mux unit or an active receiver with reamplified optical out with or without coax copies.
3G FiberSavers will also work with 1G Ethernet and MADI signals and special order 12G Systems can work 10G Ethernet and SMPTE Camera Chains that operate at 10Gbps.

In addition to 3G-SDI the 3G FiberSavers will also supports 1G Ethernet and MADI signals.  Special order versions of the 12G FiberSavers can also support 10G Ethernet and SMPTE Camera Chains that operate at 10Gbps.

The FiberSaver 25G provides a cost-effective solution for network expansion and capacity enhancement. It eliminates the need for deploying and maintaining multiple fiber links, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

With CWDM technology, existing fiber infrastructure can be leveraged to its maximum potential. By utilizing different wavelengths, FiberSaver 25G effectively increases the capacity of the network infrastructure without the need for additional physical fiber runs. The system allows for the consolidation of multiple 25G network links onto a single fiber.  Currently the 25G Fiber Saver is only available in a 3x3 bi-directional configuration.

Custom configurations are available providing the most comprehensive mixed signal, single system solution on the market. Contact MultiDyne to learn what is possible.