SilverBack 4K5 Helps Thailand’s GoldenDuck Cover Football Matches

LOCUST VALLEY, NY—Sat 04, 2016—

The Goldenduck Group, a premiere broadcast system integrator company located in Bangkok, Thailand, and the leading cinema system integrator in South East Asia, recently used the new MultiDyne SilverBack 4K5™ Fiber-Optic System for 4K Quad-Link 3G Camcorders to cover a series of football (soccer) matches in Bangkok in late March.

Working with Thairath TV, the Goldenduck crew tested the new MultiDyne 4K5 transceiver on a Panasonic high-speed (HS) Varicam 35 4K camera to see how far they could situate the camera-mounted fiber unit from the base station and still get pristine signals for the telecast. They were also using an EVS Super Slow-Motion system to provide high-quality replays. By all accounts the crew were impressed with the results.

The live on-air football matches occurred on March 26th, when the crew placed the SilverBack 4K5 roughly 200 meters from the system’s base station, then on March 30 (“FIFA Day”) they extended that distance to around 80-100 meters from base station. Yet another series of matches—on March 27, 29 and 31, called the “AFC Under23 Championship 2016” —was covered with the distance between the SilverBack 4K5 base station and the camera at around 80-100 meters.

“We shot a total of five matches with SilverBack 4K5 mounted on a Panasonic Varicam HS camera for live super-slow motion and were very impressed with how sending the HD and 4K signals over Fiber helped us maintain a high-quality image, regardless of the distance we were working at,” said Boonchob Sornchue, Engineer Manager from Goldenduck Group.

“We are proud to be a part of this successful event, to connect Panasonic, Multidyne and EVS together to create 4x Super Slow motion for the first time ever in Asia.” said Yupayong Liewluck, Strategic Business Development & Sales Director from Goldenduck Group. “Our customer, Thairath TV, was really happy with the result.”

The new SilverBack 4K5 incorporates the proven fiber-optic connectivity solutions of MultiDyne’s decades of experience outfitting production environments for OB vans and production control rooms to create a finely tuned solution for 4K/UHDTV multi-camera production that is easy to set up and free from distance limitations inherent with typical SMPTE video cable. It provides a full-bandwidth fiber-optic link between any quad-link or dual-link 4K camera and the truck, control room, or “video village” position, enabling user to incorporate existing cameras (HD or 4K) into a major multi-camera project or allowing a director and DP on set to have full connectivity to and from the camera positions.

“Projects like the Goldenduck shoot are increasingly happening with our gear around the world, proving that HD or 4K over Fiber cabling is the most cost-effective and reliable way to accurately distribute signals where they need to go,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne.

By putting power and five 3 Gb/s HD/SDI signal paths between the camera to the Base Station (required for multi-camera 4K/UHD TV production) onto a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, the MultiDyne 4K5 system ensures robust, trouble-free connectivity, regardless of the application. The SilverBACK 4K5 Base Station is a standard 1RU enclosure with LED status indicators for each signal, as well as a color LCD screen that intuitively displays system status and general health.