MultiDyne Expands the SilverBack Line with Cost-Effective Video-Only Version

LOCUST VALLEY, NY—Sat 04, 2016—

MultiDyne has developed and is now taking orders for the SilverBackVideo transceiver, a scaled down version of its popular SilverBack Fiber-Optic System that offers directors and DPs a high-quality solution for previewing images on set, directly from the camera, and nothing more.

The new SilverbackVideo offers users the ability to monitor from one to four HD (1080p/60 resolution) feeds, to and from the camera, at a highly cost-effective price. And because it uses Fiber cabling, set up is easy and sending signals distances of as far as 3 miles is assured.

The SilverBackVideo was actually developed for as a custom product for Panavision New York to solve a costly problem of needing a live preview of what the camera (either film or digital cinema) is seeing with a very affordable solution. The product has been used by such major TV shows as the CBS dramas 'Blue Bloods' and 'The Good Wife' among others.

'We needed an affordable way to give directors and DPs the ability to see what they are shooting, as they are shooting it, directly out of the camera,' said Christopher Konash, Director - Technical Services, Panavision New York Camera Division. He added that his company has purchased several such systems, as well as some fully featured SilverBack-II HD units, for its rental inventory. 'The SilverBack is also easy to use, so our rental clients need minimal hand holding to make it work.'