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Cable Infrastructures Broadcast—Thu 02, 2018—

One company that is focusing heavily on fiber is US-headquartered MultiDyne, particularly with the launch of a specialized Fiber lab in April this year. Located at the company headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, the Fiber Lab represents a natural progression for MultiDyne, according to Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne. "We are able to reduce costs, increase quality control, develop custom applications for less common terminations, and offer complete fiber solutions for customers worldwide that cover the entire broadcast and production chain."

He is also quick to point out that MultDyne is one of the few Certified opticalCON Assembler (COCA) for Neutrik opticalCON fiber cables. When all assembly happening in the MultiDyne Fiber Lab, customers now have the option of purchasing all components of a complete fiber transport solution directly from MultiDyne, through its global dealer network, or simply purchasing new opticalCON cables to upgrade existing fiber systems.