Fiber & SMPTE Cable Fabrication Lab

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Custom Fiber Cable Assemblies

Sometimes you just want to connect everything at once. Recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of fiber-optic solutions, MultiDyne now operates a full-service cable fabrication lab. Our rigorous in-house qualification and testing processes bring greater quality control to our product manufacturing workflow. As a Neutrik COCA member, MultiDyne is one of the few certified assemblers of ruggedized opticalCON hybrid fiber cables. MultiDyne also terminates SMPTE 304M LEMO connectors and offers other tactical cables that easily mate to SMPTE fiber-optic cameras, standard breakout boxes, and our other fiber-optic transport solutions. With all assembly happening in-house by specialized technicians, customers can purchase all components of a complete MultiDyne fiber transport solution - or new cables and assemblies to upgrade existing fiber systems.