More than Just a DA, This Card Features an Integrated Matrix and Options for Reclocking, Fail-Over Modes, and Fiber I/O.

The VDA-2419 is a multi-rate SDI digital video distribution system for distributing up to nine signals from a common input or two groups of four signals from two inputs. It also can handle other data rates within the range and specifications of SDI signals. This is pre­sented in a single slot openGear card. 

The VDA-2419 incorporates an integrated cross-point matrix that allows not only the ability to assign a given input signal to one or more outputs but also to enable and disable outputs should the need arise. The VDA-2419 has an automatic fail-over mode that, when selected will switch to the second input should the signal in the first input somehow fail or become corrupted. All outputs are non-inverting and ASI capable. An auto-mute feature will silence any input whose signals are under 20Mbps.

All of this is easily controlled either via dip switches on the front card edge or via the openGear Dashboard Management Software (DBM). There is also a lock-out on the card that prevents the card parameters from being changed remotely via DBM.


  • Automatic Rate Detection/Display For All Popular Data Rates 
  • ASI Distribution On All Outputs 
  • Equalizes Up to 120m of Belden 1694A Cable at 3Gbit 
  • Equalizes Up To 150m Of Belden 1694A Cable At 1.485 Gbit 
  • Remote Monitoring Via DashBoard® Software 
  • Configure Locally or Remotely Via DBM 
  • Integrated Cross-Point 
  • Selectable Auto-Mute & Reclocking 
  • Auto Fail-over Mode 
  • Enable/Disable Individual Outputs 
  • Hot Swappable


  • Inter-facility Signal Distribution 
  • QC Monitoring 
  • Split Feeds 
  • OB Inter-connects Transmission