AES/EBU 1x4 Reclocking Distribution Amplifier - 110 Ohm Balanced

The NBX-DA-1X4-AESB is an AES / EBU reclocking distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It provides 4 copies of the incoming balanced AES/EBU signal on pluggable 3 pin terminal block connectors.

The NBX-DA-1X4-AESB supports audio sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 96kHz. Cable equalization and reclocking techniques enable the NBX-DA-1X4-AESB to recover the incoming digital audio signal reliably.

A dual-color LED will illuminate green indicating the NBX-DA-1X4-AESB is locked to a valid AES/EBU input signal or the LED will be illuminated red showing the unit is powered but not locked to a valid input signal.

The NBX-DA-1X4-AESB has a rugged solid steel powder coated chassis and is powered by an external AC adapter with a locking DC connector supplied with the module.


  • Excellent Value
  • Compact Size
  • Rugged Steel Enclosure
  • Highest of Quality Components


  • Live Broadcast
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Shared Control Rooms
  • Campus Facilities