openGear® OTT Streaming Media Encoder

Ideally designed for broadcast and professional encoding, MultiDyne’s first-rate MD9200-ENC provides safe OTT streaming over both public and private networks. The MD9200-ENC’s signal generator includes SMPTE RP219 color bars with a moving box plus an expansive 8 channels of audio tones. Adding to the MD9200-ENC’s return on investment, it boasts global OSD bug branding, PNG slate overlays, a flat field raster, and the capacity to pass or mute embedded audio. 

MultiDyne’s unique one to many routing support redefines the streaming standards of a compact value encoder. Once encoded, each payload can be concurrently routed to multiple destinations, mixing any of the streaming protocols supported by MultiDyne’s compression platform. With the rare ability to encode two streams from a single SDI input, streams can be encoded in High Definition and Standard Definition (NTSC/PAL) at both low and high bit rates. Each independent encoder configuration allows unique frame size, frame rate, video and audio codec plus ancillary data configuration. IP stream protocol support encompasses multicast or unicast UDP/RTP, RTMP, TCP, HLS, SRT, Zixi Feeder, FASP, and file. 

  • Encode to file
  • Encode to UDP/RTP
  • Encode to SRT
  • Encode to FASP
  • Encode to HLS
  • Encode to RTMP
  • Encode to Zixi Feeder