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MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems introduces the HDMI–ONE, a low–cost HDMI and DVI fiber link with HDCP copyright protection support. Designed to extend HDMI and DVI distance limitations, this cost–effective solution is the first to offer users bi–directional communication over ONE fiber for full HDCP copyright and EDID functionality.

Recognizing the need for high–resolution graphics and video image transfer over long distances, MultiDyne’s HDMI–ONE focuses on maximizing visual quality, with pixel–for–pixel image transport and a 100 percent 24–bit scan rate and no contouring or bit reduction. The fully un–compressed HDMI or DVI–D signal is transported over ONE fiber supporting WUXGA up to 1920x1200 and is 100 percent transparent with no frame dropping. MultiDyne’s HDMI–ONE also responds to market demand for a locking HDMI–connector, seamlessly transporting the HDCP and EDID information along with the HDMI or DVI video signal.

DVI signals are supported by the HDMI–ONE with the use of a hybrid cable adapter. When the HDMI–ONE is used to transport DVI signals, the HDCP and EDID information is transported seamlessly from the monitor to the video source despite the use of hybrid adapter cables. The product also allows transmissions of up to 1000 meters over multi–mode fiber and ensures that the HDCP encoding remains intact and unmodified throughout the entire process.

This new offering targeted at HDMI users is compatible with all HDMI compliant sources and monitors, while continuing to maintain the original electrical HDMI signal. Designed to support all possible horizontal and vertical sync configurations, it also includes built–in security features for secure video and audio communications in command and control facilities.  The lack of EMI characteristics also makes the HDMI–ONE ideal for medical instruments and airborne applications.

he HDMI–ONE includes external power supplies and a USB power port. Alternatively, a free USB port can be used from the video source to power the HDMI–ONE transmitter and a USB port on the monitor can power the HDMI–ONE receiver, eliminating the need for two external power supplies.

MultiDyne’s new HDMI and DVI fiber link can be configured for a wide variety of applications including medical and MRI displays, advertising and signage, sporting and concert video displays, video walls, digital cinema, radar displays, air traffic control, military information and displays as well as in the commodity and stock exchanges.


MultiDyne, and the MultiDyne logo are registered trademarks of MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems. HDMI and DVI are registered trademarks of their respective holders.

HDMI-ONE HDMI™ & DVI Fiber Optic Link with HDCP / EDID

  • Uncompressed DVI-D over ONE multimode fiber
  • Supports up to WUXGA 1920 x 1200, Single Link
  • Bi-directional communication over ONE fiber for full HDCP copyright and EDID functionality
  • HDCP encoding remains intact and unmodified
  • Fully un-compressed, 100% transparent, No Frame Dropping
  • Ideal for applications with multiple monitor resolutions and a routing switcher

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