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Video & Fiber Solutions » News » Daisy-chain One UXGA Source to Multiple Monitors

PRESS RELEASE: Daisy-chain One UXGA Source to Multiple Monitors

Date: 03/01/2006

Daisy-chain one RGB/UXGA source to multiple monitors with the NEW MultiDyne RGB-5000-DC RGB/UXGA Fiber Optic Transport Systems with Daisy-Chain. The receiver unit includes an optical repeater to re-transmit the optimal RGB/UXGA signal to the next monitor in the chain. Distribute one High Resolution, RGB/UXGA Video signal from one point to multiple points.

Now the user can distribute a high resolution video signal using one fiber optic transmitter to many receivers. The user now can save the cost of duplicate transmitter units, passive and active splitters and add/drop devices. Each RGB-5000-FRX-DC receiver unit includes a fiber optic input and output. Internally the fiber optic input is decoded for the local monitor and then repeated for re-transmission to the next monitor in the chain. The system can virtually repeat a high resolution video signal indefinitely.

The RGB-5000 performs a horizontal gen-lock for a fully synchronous and jitter free high resolution video transport. The system has been upgraded to support a higher quality image at higher resolutions such as 1600 by 1200. The Video and Synch jitter has been reduced to as low as 4 to 5 nano seconds. The net result is a crystal clear image at all resolutions and refreshes rates. The improvements have also extended the operational temperature range to -20 to 60 degrees C.

The RGB-5000 provides a total analog bandwidth of up to 600 MHz. The system 1600 by 1200 pixels are supported over ONE optical fiber. The supports standards include RGB, XVGA, SVGA, UXGA, Component and Analog HDTV signals.

The RGB-5000 has a data throughput of 3.125 Giga Bits per second. Most systems have a 1.25 Gb/s data throughput with 60% compression.

The system automatically detects the Horizontal and Vertical Sync configuration with support for sync on green, CS sync and separate HS and VS sync inputs. The RGB-5000 supports all possible sync configurations with just ONE fiber. Most systems require up to 5 fibers to support all possible sync configurations.

Fiber optic transport provides the capability for the separation of a video signal source and the monitor. For example, a computer or imaging device can be in a different location than the monitors. In many applications space is limited in the monitor area. With flat screen technology, very little space is required. The computers or imaging devices can be in another room. Systems are available to transport RGB video as well as audio, keyboard and mouse control.

Application include commodity and stock exchanges, medical and MRI displays, advertising and digital signage, sporting and concert video displays, video walls, digital cinema, radar displays, air traffic control, military information displays plus many more...

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